The drug gangs there I just think are dangerous and driving there in a new car with American plates seems to make me a even bigger target. They have provided us this link to offer our clientsthis shows where all the diesel stations are currently. Hopefully he can put some comments in this forum once he has studied the specs. Our Standards: The Thomson Reuters Trust Principles. Grade 2, also known as GASOIL COMUN (common diesel fuel), is intended for the bulk of diesel fuelled vehicles. Among other problems, some 20-25% of each barrel that it refines ends up as fuel oil. Connect with us on our digital platforms! UBA is not everywhere, but its much easier to find than last year. One article talks about deals between US and Mexican companies to get US fuel and brands into Mexico. Below a web address for the forum post where I posted other web address where stories and reports can be found with more info about fuel in Mexico. 10, 2015). For those considering a visit or relocation,no worries about the supply. Request Demo, Get critical information about thousands of Oil & Gas companies in Latin America: their projects, contacts, shareholders, related news and more. This new regulation applies to all diesel fuel, diesel fuel additives and distillate fuels blended with diesel for on-road use, such as kerosene. None had any signs. Maximum levels of 2,000 and 5,000ppm were applied for different uses. than at Pemex, though you will find it at Pemex stations too. I don't know if that is still the case but as recent as 2010 that was true. By clicking the SUBMIT button you agree to thePrivacy StatementandTerms & Conditions. You will have a hard time finding DEF, so bring plenty. And if so,the maximum is 30 days. Thanks Leigh. Search for their websites. Mexican diesel specs sent to path1. So today, you can drive your diesel rig in Mexico. You must log in or register to reply here. 70% of the fuel used in Uruguay is diesel. Sulfur is not a lubricant in and of itself, but it can combine with the nickel content in many metal alloys to form a low melting point eutectic alloy that can increase lubricity. Foreign stations, however, import most of their fuel from the USA. The spec for marine/agricultural fuel is listed as 500 ppm. It is used wherever the working environment is highly polluted, an example being where diesel trucks are used in confined spaces such as in harbours, inside storage houses, during construction of road and rail tunnels & in vehicles that are predominantly run in city centres. I doubt any large carrier ( Swift,Werner,etc.) On the other hand, Black Point Power Station and Penny's Bay Power Station were designed to burn ULSD as a secondary and primary fuel respectively. My son when he was 20 visited Cancun and he was a bar and and a fellow American man got lured outside of the bar by local girls and he got mugged and stole his money and id. Lots of EGR and the ECM is programed differently than say a Canadian vehicle. Then in 2018, Pemex promised that USLD would be sold everywhere by 2019. Gulf Mexico is opening stations and converting Pemex stations across Mexico at this time, and is supplying those stations with ULSD from the USA. Cannot be cleaned. A generalization to all filling stations with the 10 ppm diesel is available since December 2015.[13]. Phillips 66 and its respective logos are registered trademarks owned by Phillips 66 Company. Pemex is so corrupt you cannot trust them to tell the truth. It would be helpful if people could provide links to documentation which supports the opinions and rumors. The Fora platform includes forum software by XenForo. bighatnohorse, if you take your 15 Ford in to Mexico and start using Mexican diesel there is a very high probability that you will see NO symptoms whatsoever. With no international buyers, Pemex was widely thought to be offloading its fuel oil on federal electric utility CFE. MEXICO CITY (Reuters) - Mexicos energy regulator voted on Wednesday to defer for five more years a rule requiring national oil company Pemex to produce, distribute and sell ultra-low-sulfur diesel (ULSD) nationwide. Spot Replacement Index (SRI) available at this rack. The pumps are color coded; Magna is green, premium is red and diesel is black. REUTERS/Henry Romero. The vast majority of late model Fords experience nothing more than the Check Engine light on for periods of time between regenerations. Pemex was not ready to boost output and start distributing ULSD nationwide by the time the rule was created in 2016, due to storage and production limitations, the company told Mexicos Energy Ministry, according to Maciels letter, signed Dec. 11. Your dedication to supporting our team in managing through the challenges was outstanding. The work is part of a drive to lift domestic refining capacity. Lots of brand names of all kinds are manufactured in Mexico and shipped to the US - but they may produce something different for the US than they do for Mexico. The low sulfur automotive diesel grade (first introduced as Diesel Sin) replaced the earlier standard diesel of 5000 ppm (0.5%) sulfur. The good news is that the availability of ULSD (Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel) is improving daily. This was followed by the reduction of sulfur in diesel fuel sold for use in on-road vehicles after 31 August 2006. It is Pemex policy not to place ULSD signage (UBA) on any station until EVERY station has UBA. Tula and Salina Cruz were the fourth and fifth dirtiest in the world, while Minatitln was the only one not on the list. Now you and your car will be the first ones to know about promotions, deals, sponsorships and anything else we do to keep both of you happy. . This amendment facilitated the introduction of 15 ppm sulfur diesel fuel for on-road use in 2006, by lengthening the period between the dates that the production/import limit and the sales limit come into effect. As of 2013, Sasol launched 10 ppm diesel at selected filling stations. In addition, new petrol private cars were asked to meet Euro III standards from 2001. They run a minimum of 150,000 miles a year. It's got to go somewhere. Mexico gets an emission system that is very much like a 2006 vehicle. WebBetter Performance. 2-D S15 (regular ULSD) and Grade No. Pemex is the name of almost all gas station here. [2], In 1993 the European Union began mandating the reduction of diesel sulfur content and implementing modern ULSD specifications in 1999. I've read countless articles and information about this online and on a few different forums. [citation needed] This decrease in energy content may result in slightly reduced peak power and fuel economy. Have ANY of you drawn ULSD in the USA into a clear vessel, then drawn Mexican refined diesel and compared the color of the two? I have not had tiem to x-check them. So all power stations under CLP Power burn ULSD instead of higher sulfur alternatives now. There is some important new information to share regarding the availability of ULSD (Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel) in Mexico. When you purchase through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission, which supports our community. WebMexico's state-run oil company Pemex has been a gas station, in Mexico City, Mexico January 15, 2019. These are not RV's. The information is contained in Table 7 of the document, dated August 29, 2016 (Lunes 29 de agosto de 2016), and issued by COMISION REGULADORA DE ENERGIA. In the European Union, the Euro IV standard has applied since 2005, which specifies a maximum of 50 ppm of sulfur in diesel fuel for most highway vehicles;[22] ultra-low-sulfur diesel with a maximum of 10 ppm of sulfur must be available from 2005 and was widely available as of 2008. 60% of Mexicos gas comes from the United States! The number of characters must be greater than or equal to 2, Whether its our performance gasoline or E85, Phillips 66, Sink as many baskets as you can before time runs out! Mexico and Canada get metric odometers. It is just easier and faster when your vehicles make and model are also made, Gasoline Quality in Mexico There is a popular belief that Mexicos gasoline is lower-quality than the United States gasoline. JavaScript is disabled. This resolution was passed on 27 June 2000. Copyright Mexico Mike Travel Services. I get its a pretty unpopular view. Mexico does not produce enough ultra-low Looks like that station owner has decided to convert the station to a different brand. Subscribe to BNamericas to find news reports, information on projects and contact information relating to thousands of companies that drive business in Latin America. Mexican state and federal authorities have taken control of Acapulco's police after a recent spike in homicides sparked suspicions that criminal groups had infiltrated the department, a joint force said in a statement. Since the introduction of the law, all fuel station started supplying ULSD since August 2000. Pemexs refinery in Minatitlnis now capable of producing ultra-low sulfur diesel, according to energy minister Roco Nahle (in photo). Some will actually tell you if they have the new diesel. Slightly different times for transition have applied to each of the countries, but most have been required to reduce the maximum sulfur content to less than 50 ppm since 2005. The spending plan also included $3.1 billion for projects at all six of the countrys refineries that, upon completion, would boost Mexicos overall ULSG production to more than 210,000 b/d, as well as reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 90%. If stations are advertising UBA then that is a VERY positive move but I suspect it also means that the particular station is in the process of cutting ties with Pemex. With these links you can x-reference. They ship all over the world to various countries standards. Castle Peak Power Station was designed to burn heavy fuel oil for boiler startup, flame stabilisation and occasionally as a secondary fuel. The postponement follows an earlier deferral late last year amid an ongoing legal battle over the matter. Until recently,you could not buy ULSD more than half way down the peninsula,with the exception of large cities La Paz and Cabo,I believe past Villa Jesus Maria. WebAdditional Questions and Answers regarding ULSD use in Alaska (mobile, stationary, compression ignition engines and small refineries) Information on Rural Alaska Stationary Engines Information on New Source Performance Standards for stationary engines which began construction after July 11, 2005. Once in awhile there are some specialized low boys and similar trailers carrying a large tank or some other huge piece that originated in the USA. Get the latest special offers, promotions, and news. [34], Since January 1, 2013, Colombia's diesel has <50 PPM for public and private transport. Pemex and the Energy Ministry did not immediately respond to requests for comment. I drive long haul for an O/O in the summer. Explore Credit Cards. The diesel fuel at all of the retail outlets in Mexico isnow ULSD, meaning that the days of pumping high sulfur diesel fuel in Mexico are over. It is the Mexican state-owned petroleum company, created in 1938 by nationalized petroleum. So long as your payment arrives on time they don't care. Petroleum Traders is the largest pure wholesale fuel supplier in the United States. But even in the 2011 and later vehicles group, it is only the Duramax powered trucks that have serious issues. After the last reduction, in June 2016, the sulfur limits become 1000 ppm, 30 ppm, and 10 ppm for the three respective grades. The only way to resolve this is to draw a bomb (a bomb is a petroleum fuel sample) and have it analyzed. Clean fuels project, Madero refinery (II stage), Construction of a dock in the La Paz port operation residence, BCS, Modernization of the Quality Control laboratories of the Maritime Terminals of Salina Cruz, Tuxpan, Madero and Pajaritos. Some do,some don't. Not a truck with plates from both countries. WebWe selected our gas stations from a bootlegged list of Pemex stations carrying the ultra low sulphur diesel. Near to us, in la Paz, I've seen three stations that have abandoned Pemex and have taken a different name (sorry, I've forgotten what it is) and are offering discounts on the fuel. Since January 2012, Brazilian service stations started offering two types of Diesel, 50 ppm and 500 ppm on most areas and 1800 ppm in remote areas. I no longer need it for my RV as I downsized and went with older unit that did not need it. This is because of two things - (a) The vehicles are heavy, so the engine is always working hard, which keeps exhaust gas temperatures high enough to prevent sulfur compounds from settling out in the SCR, and (b) Their exhaust systems are comparatively short, so the exhaust system heats up quickly and stays hot over it's entire length. 2018 Honda Clarity Touring PHEV - Forest Green w/Tan interior (wife's car). You can download the excel file with the list. All of Pemex's diesel After 2017, the sulfur content in diesel fuel will be limited to 10ppm.[16]. My brother recently took his gas truck from TJ to La Paz and Cabono issues and they had a great time. You will see signs of the Diesel for (Bajo Azufre) or DUBA (diesel ultra bajo azufre) Low Sulfur. Unfortunately this forum doesn't allow attachments so I can't post it here. As of December 1, 2010 (September 1, 2006 in California), any on-highway diesel fuel sold is ULSD as mandated by EPA on-highway diesel fuel regulations. WHERE? I think a new one is around $2000. Certain EU countries may apply higher standards or require faster transition. Here's the latest update from Ted White regarding the availability of ULSD on the Baja. " On Tuesday Jan 16/17 I received the results from lab test I might add that we were in Oaxaca once and stopped at a huge Pemex. It is Pemex policy that NO station will advertise UBA until EVERY station in Mexico has UBA. At least on the big trucks ( most) you can force a regen. The allowable sulfur content for ULSD (15ppm) is much lower than the previous U.S. on-highway standard for low sulfur diesel (LSD, 500 ppm) which allowed advanced emission control systems to be fitted that would otherwise be damaged and or rendered ineffective by these compounds. There are certain tax incentives for using this fuel and from about year 2000, this low aromatic, low sulfur fuel has achieved 98-99% penetration of the Swedish diesel fuel market. It provided additional time to fully turn over the higher-sulfur diesel fuel inventory for on-road use in the distribution system. As of December, 2006, the ULSD standard has been in effect according to the amended schedule, and compliance at retail locations was reported to be in place. The 2010 and up trucks use DEF. Here's another look at the Pemex Guide. "While Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto said the ambitious investment program came as a result of partnerships and alliances formed by Pemex with private and foreign investors following Mexicos 2014 sweeping energy reform (OGJ Online, Aug. 21, 2014; Aug. 18, 2014), the status and scope of individual projects under the proposed downstream spending plan remain unclear following Pemexs recent move to cut its 2016 budget by $5.5 billion (OGJ Online, Feb. 29, 2016).". As it did not have the required infrastructure for producing ULSD, (Pemex) was unable to immediately comply, Maciel wrote. Introducing Live to the Full Stories, a modern retelling of stories from across America. concentration of sulfur in diesel fuel sold for use in off-road engines shall not exceed 500 ppm from 1 October 2007 until 30 September 2010, and 15 ppm after that date. San Pedro in the middle of the highway. I wonder if some do have it, just not advertised. First of all, keep calm & carry on. I've got a 2015 Ford F250 Diesel and drive it to Rocky Point and down Baja. Good for Mexico. Mexico began introduction of ULSD throughout the country in 2006.[28]. If you are using our Services via a browser you can restrict, block or remove cookies through your web browser settings. Moisheh, that DPF did NOT get plugged because of the fuel. A project to produce ULSD at Pemexs Cadereyta refinery was suspended, and similar projects only reached 9% completion due to insufficient capital, Pemex said. [citation needed]. Extremely Low Sulfur Diesel Diesel is being purchased from Japan, Ed just gave me permission. I would not believe that the refineries were producing ULSD unless I saw it with my own eyes. For complete information about the cookies we use, data we collect and how we process them, please check our. South Africa's Clean Fuels 2 standard, expected to have begun in 2017, reducing the allowable sulfur content to 10 ppm. On the lot was a van that was checking the emission systems of inter city busses. Also seeking this information in Baja peninsula You are more likely to find it at international stations (Chevron, Gulf, Exxon, G500, etc.) [17][18] The shift was carried out directly from Euro-II to Euro-V.[19], Delhi first introduced 50 ppm sulfur diesel on 1 April 2010 as a step aimed at curbing vehicular pollution in the capital. In May, the six refineries processed only 641,000b/d, less than 50% of capacity. Pemex is out of cash and most of the contractors have not been paid. International Feedstocks Intelligence Report, North American Coal Market News, Analysis and Data, APAC and African Coal Market News and Analysis, Greater China Coal Market News and Analysis, Retail Year in Review and Profit Outlook Report, Customized Retail Fuel Prices and Margins, Oil Spill Tax and Superfund Supplier List, California Do Not Sell My Personal Information. They carry Magna which is rated at 87 octanes.,. Pemexs Salina Cruz and Tula refineries are its two largest, with the others being Salamanca, Cadereyta, Madero and Minatitln. I have also seen those vehicles at the mostly closed weigh scales in Sonora. It is NOT on the UBA list. Pemex stations also offer low sulfur diesel, also known as LSD. A Pemex lawsuit put a hold on the regulation until the court rules. ULSD runs in any engine designed for the ASTM D975 diesel fuel, however, it is known to cause some seals to shrink,[8] and may cause fuel pump failures in Volkswagen TDI engines used in 2006 to pre-2009 models. Other than a few tourists no one in Mexico requires ULSD. According to the technical regulation, selling a fuel with sulfur content over 50ppm was allowed until 31 December 2011. You can also find figures for how much fuel Mexico imports from the US each month. WebRegulation NOM-086 defined two grades of diesel fuel: Automotive diesel (PEMEX) for use in on-road vehicles, and Marine and agricultural diesel. Tecnicas Reunidas scope of work under the contract additionally will include modifications to an existing HDS unit at the refinery, as well as corresponding auxiliary services and integration of associated plants located outside Minatitlans battery limits. In January, 2010 ultra low-sulfur diesel (DUBA) was introduced by PEMEX that has only 15 ppm of sulfur. Where did you find this botleg list at could you post a link Get critical information about thousands of Oil & Gas projects in Latin America: what stages they're in, capex, related companies, contacts and more. Your best bet is to ask the attendant when you pull in if the diesel is Ultra Low Azufre and offer a small propina. The National Environment Agency (NEA) defines ultra low sulfur diesel (ULSD) as diesel fuel with less than 50ppm, or 0.005 per cent, by July 2017 the limit will be 10 ppm. Central and Eastern Europe (Accession Countries). Based on my data collection over 9 years, Class A Diesel pushers NEVER experience any issues with the sulfur in Mexican LSD.
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