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IRAN SCAN CTCO is a privately held company established in 1981 by a group of engineers with more than three decades of sales and technical expertise in the field of Healthcare.

Being the leader in the field of medical imaging equipments, this company is the first to establish a CT scanner device in Iran. Now, IRAN SCAN CTCO represents some of the most  powerful brands of  medical devices in the field of imaging, lithotripsy, aesthetic and surgical lasers, namely , Dornier MedTech (Germany), Lutronic (Korea), Technix (Italy), XBO (US & China), Ellman (US) and EOS-Imaging (France).

As a result of years of successful marketing and a very reliable after sales service, CTCO has managed to secure Dornier lithotripters and Lutronic aesthetic and surgical lasers as the market leader in Iran.

CTCO has introduced the Dornier Laser system into the Iranian medical market and is constantly seeking new technologies in the field of surgical and cosmetic applications of lasers. CTCO is also sole distributor of American Ellman Radiosurgery products in Iran.

The company benefits from the expertise of its group of competent engineers in order to gain the satisfaction of its customers and provide prompt services. CTCO has stationed local engineers in the center of seven provinces in the country to provide a faster high service efficiently around Iran. CTCO participates in most of the local medical exhibitions to closely monitor the market and make sure its market leadership is maintained.

Tajhizat Pezeshki Pishrafte (The distributor of GE Healthcare in Iran) is sister company of CTCO.

Asia Medical Equipment L.L.C is another sister company based in Dubai. AME along with its own local business and technical activities provides assistance in the field of banking and shipments for CTCO.

Partoteb Karmania is also our sister company active in the field of imaging and is representative of OWANDY a French company.