Comprehensive Multifunctional Lithotripter

Dornier Gemini is a premier multifunctional lithotripter providing an unparalleled platform for both endourology and lithotripsy.  The combination of positioning flexibility

, open access and large imaging areas create an optimal platform.

  • Open patient access from all sides
  • Outstanding imaging capability
  • Shockwave positioning flexibility
  • Ideal for percutaneous and endoscopic techniques
  • Proven shock source technology
Extraordinary Imaging

With its ability to simultaneously support both X-ray and ultrasound imaging approaches, as well as its extreme imaging flexibility, Gemini is ideal for a spectrum of

endoscopic applications as well as lithotripsy.  The C-arm movements support positioning in transverse and sagittal planes as well as rotational and CC projections.

  Ultrasound can be utilized either alone or in combination with X-ray.

Workflow Innovation

Dornier's proprietary Urology Information Management System (UIMS) provides a comprehensive high performance multi-modality imaging platform designed to

address a spectrum of data management needs.  Image processing functions as well as clinical reporting are coupled with a full complement of DICOM services

to provide platforms to augment any department. In addition, Dornier Gemini offers the unique System Guided Navigation capability.  As well as manual treatment

approaches, this user selectable feature provides point-and-click functionallity to guide the user in a step-by-step approach through the entire treatment in an

automated fashion.




Dornier continues to develop new technologies to obtain the highest level of effectiveness and treatment flexibility from their lithotripters.  The result is low

re-treatment rates, patient comfort and improved treatment efficacy.

Shock Source

Based on Dornier's well established reputation in excellence in shocksource design, Gemini provides shocksource options that optimize efficacy while

minimizing side effects.  Due to the ability to move the shocksource around the table, patient repositioning is eliminated between shocksource locations.


Innovative Design

Employing an innovative proprietary design, Gemini provides a unique swiveling patient platform that has specialized positions optimized for both artifact

free endourological imaging as well as lithotripsy from either side.


Dornier's Gemini employs technological advancements such as motorized height adjustment for its large 16 inch image intensifier to provide uncompromised

image quality and are capable of imaging of the entire urinary tract.








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