Elixbo PM 545

Permanent Magnet MRI system (0.45 T )

ELIXBO PM 545 is a highly efficient , Permanent magnet MRI system featuring the following:


Using the best magnet material from Baogang Rare-Earth Group, the best magnet stability can be achieved. The powerful 0.45 T Magnet provides enough strength to take images with a quality as high as 1.5 T superconducting MRI. The magnet design is elegant and unique so the magnet weight is about 12 Tons which is less than all other similar devices. the magnet width is quite large so it's suitable for fat patients and  patients with claustrophobia. Also it is suitable for special treatments like interventional therapy.

DBT Technologies (Dynamic Balancing Technologies)

Using the inventive 4th order 10 channel active shimming system (patented technology),helps improve the homogeneity of magnetic field 14-16 times compared to branded open MRI (20 cm DSV: FWHM≤1 ppm). The Dynamic 3D self-shielded gradient technologies reduces the eddy current and residual magnetism.

        Considering the perfect gradient design it is possible to make fast scan of thin slices and increase the SNR to create images comparable to 1.5 T superconducting systems.

        RF Systems

        Due to higher RF power compared to other branded MRIs, faster scan time is achievable.

       Technologies from Super-Conducting systems

        Our system is capable of performing imaging operations like:

  • ● Water-Fat Saturation,
  • ● Diffusion,

       Ergonomic Design

       In addition to ELIXBO's unique imaging capability, the ergonomic design  helps the user operate easily with the device. Some of the main features that make this device user-friendly and easy to use are as follows:

  • ● Total MRI system height: 165cm
  • ● 80cm wide patient table
  • ● Integrated control cabinet, to improve the system stability and shorten the installation time
  • ● Integration of control cabinet and penetration table, to reduce signal loose
  • ● Dual LCD monitors, accurate positioning, convenient operation
  • ● Air Headset, patients will finish the scan comfortably with music
  • ● Remote control of Power on-off
  • ● General use coils
  • ● Low position of patient table
  • ● Remote system data monitor, easy maintenance

        Patient Table

  • ● 2D electric control patient table
  • ● Accurate position (0.5mm)
  • ● 120cm wide patient table, comfort for patients
  • ● capable of handling patient up to 200 Kg.
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MRI Imaging
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