A Safe, Accurate and Easy Solution for Home-based Radiology

Home based Radiology is part of the Integrated Home based Care, defined by the World Health Organization as the ability to provide, at a patient s home, all those services and tools that contribute to maintaining  the highest level of well being, health and function . Technix, counting on its thirty year experience in the radiological field, has designed the TMS 300 DRH system, an x-ray system for home based radiology
that grants high levels of quality and safety, and represents a valid alternative to the hospital care, especially in cases where the clinical condition of the patient make it less burdensome to perform the  examination  at home rather than in hospital. The advantages are therefore economic, but also social and relational, as the patient has not to deal with the inconvenience of traveling and being moved away  from  his family  context. TMS 300 DRH can also cover countless other applications, such as the diagnostic in the penitentiaries and in the district medical clinics, support to military personnel engaged in  peacekeeping missions  or to the Civil Protection, …

Ergonimic Design, Ease of use
The system has very limited dimensions, and in its transport configuration can access without any problem even to the smallest lifts (60 cm). In case of need, the system can be easily disassembled into three  components thanks to quick release systems, and without using any type of tool; each package can be moved easily since it is provided with ergonomic handles and sturdy wheels, which allow the transport  also on asphalt or rough surfaces. In particular, a robust and practical packaging has been designed for the x ray group, that allows its transport in complete safety. In case of buildings without a lift, an easy  transport of the system is ensured by a motorized stairlift.TMS 300 DRH can easily be transported in an ambulance or in a van, even of small size.

High Quality Imaging ,Post processing Options
Thanks to its flexibility and to its 30 kW power, TMS 300 DRH allows to perform all the main radiological examinations (thorax, spine, pelvis and hip, joints, upper and lower limbs, extremities, abdomen), also for  obese or large patients. The positioning of the x ray group is facilitated by a spring mechanism; the height can be easily adjusted by the operator by means of a crank . Once the desired position has been  reached, the x ray source can be rotated and oriented, thus allowing to cover also the most critical projections.

The stability of the system in each working position is ensured by three tilting legs that can be positioned according to the space available.The front swiveling wheels ensure an easy and precise positioning of  the unit at the bedside. The double focal spot x ray tube ensures images with a high level of detail, fully comparable to those obtained with the traditional mobile systems. The operator can set the working  parameters manually by using the two points technique (40÷125 kV), or he can select an exam from the list of the examination protocols (APRs). Particular attention has been paid to the protection of the patient:

three different user selectable filters have been integrated in the collimator and the half dose mode allows to halve the delivered radiation. A device for measuring the radiation allows the monitoring of the dose  delivered with each exposure.

The digital imaging system is enclosed within a case robust and easy to handle; all components can be battery powered and communicate wireless, in order to avoid to the operator the discomfort of cables  and  their connections. The wireless flat panel detector can be positioned quickly and easily; the radiographic image acquired is displayed on a tablet PC, by which the operator can perform any necessary post  processing operation and send the image in Dicom format to the RIS/PACS of the reference hospital. Thus TMS 300 DRH allows to establish a real-time communication with the radiologist on duty at the hospital,  who, once compiled the report, sends it back to the operator at the patient s home where it is printed and delivered to the patient together with a CD containing the images.


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