The TCA6 is a highly optimised Mobile Fluoroscopic System for surgery. The optimisation is the pursuit of the best compromise within the peculiar features of such an instrument:

  • ● Dimensions,
  • ● Weight,
  • ● Balancing,
  • ● Ease of manoeuvre,
  • ● X-ray features,
  • ● Image quality,
  • ● Safety.

Ease of Use

The large achievable distance of the SID axis from the unit’s stand, the noticeable motorised column elevation, reaching 500 millimetres, the wide C-arm’s insertion and span spaces, enable the best operational flexibility and the complete freedom of movement of the Surgeon in the operating theatre, in the confines of the sterile area. A suitable C-arm-cross-section’s profile, ensures flexural rigidity of the element, even in the most critical configuration with rotating anode tube monoblock X-ray generator and 9” Image Intensifier, for a high precision preservation of the X-ray beam centre, also in the horizontal projections.

Laser Guide

The TCA6 S&R is fitted with a LASER targeting system that, from the monoblock and towards the intensifier, allows the identification of the beam centre, through a light cross: by means of this device, the preliminary positioning of the fluoroscopy system is possible, by reducing the X-ray dose to the patient.

Image Storage and processing

The new TCA6 can be equipped with image memory banks of 1 (LIH), 1+4, 1+110 frames. Furthermore the unit can be fitted with the Digital Imaging System for the processing of the fluoroscopic image: the large capacity of its main memory element, of more than 48,000 frames, enables the storage of the produced diagnostic/operative documentation in the very many working load conditions. It exists, in addition, the possibility to input text descriptions in the image sequences, about the all data relevant to the hospital, physician, department, patient and to the examination itself. The Digital Imaging System is located into the monitor trolley. The monitor trolley is easily separable from the main C-arm stand, by means of a simple connector. The monitor trolley, once disconnected from the main stand, can be taken outside of the operating theatre, enabling the reviewing of the all recorded sequences and the performing of further post-processing procedures.

Digital Processing Options

The highest operative flexibility is achieved through the use of functions like:

  •  ● Maximum Opacification,
  •  ● Road Mapping,
  •  ● Digital Subtraction Angiography,
  •  ● Contrast Enhancement,
  •  ● Three level Edge Enhancement,
  •  ● Two step Electronic Zooming,
  •  ● Contemporary viewing of several images on the same screen,
  •  ● Positive or negative image displaying.
It exists moreover as an optional, the possibility to send, into the hospital DICOM standard data network, the obtained and recorded images/ sequences, or to store them on a permanent archive, a CD-ROM. An optional DICOM-Printer interface enables the forwarding of the images to any printing station connected to the DICOM network.

Ergonomic Design and Optimal Positioning

An efficient positioning-breaking system enables, with a soft, progressive and quick action, the locking and the releasing of the all movements by means of ergonomic handles. The balancing performance achieved through the differentiated study of the all possible unit’s configurations, allows the positioning of the rotating element with minimum exertion and with the all slidings unlocked, anyway keeping, without blocking the brakes, every reached position. The TCA6 is suited with small bar elements, assembled close to the unit’s wheels, used to sweep aside the cables eventually lying on the ground and those could avoid a free run of the unit, among departments or even into the operating theatre itself, from a position to another. A scrupulous unit’s design gives the possibility, in the everyday use, of an easy, simple and efficient sterilisation of the equipment’s surfaces and of a fast and safe placement /removal of the sterile covers. Comfortable and long handles, following the geometry of the rotating element and of the intensifier’s housing, enable a fast hold for an easy positioning within the operating field.



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X-ray Imaging
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