Medilas D UroBeam


• Flexible 5-250 Watt power
• Green aiming beam for enhancedvisibility
• Small footprint
• Touch screen control
• No special installation requirements

Dornier Medilas D UroBeam
Versatility in BPH Therapy

The Dornier Medilas D UroBeam is a high powered laser optimized for the removal of prostatic tissue in patients with benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH).
The 940 nanometer (nm) wavelength and exceptionally high 250 Watt power provide versatility to select the treatment modality. Enabling both enucleation

and vaporization, Dornier Medilas D UroBeam is an instrument for hospitals or surgery centers to treat virtually all sizes of prostates in higher risk or otherwise
healthy patients.

Treatment Benefits

• Enables vaporization and enucleation of prostate
• Provides excellent hemostasis, minimal bleeding
• No blood obscuring visual field
• Fast treatment
• Suitable for patients on anti-coagulation medication
• Addresses virtually all prostate sizes
• Reduced hospital stay
• Minimal catheterization required

In conjunction with Dornier's specially designed forward firing, high power bare fiber, enucleation of the prostatic lobes can be performed with the Dornier

Medilas D UroBeam. The 940 nm wavelength provides cutting of prostatic tissue with excellent hemostasis, enabling quick and straight-forward treatments,
with a short learning curve.
Before enucleation
Efficient enucleation cutting
After enucleation of the middle lobe
Clinical pictures:
courtesy of Dr. Tomasz Maliszewski,
  Koszalin, Poland
Using the side-firing Dornier SideFocus fiber, the Dornier Medilas D UroBeam is a powerful tool for non-contact vaporization of the prostate. In conjunction
with Dornier's proprietary LPS technology, the Dornier SideFocus fiber features exceptional stability even for the treatment of larger glands. The 940 nm
wavelength also provides for excellent hemostasis when performing vaporization.
Vaporization using the SideFocus fiber: excellent hemostasis and surgical visualization.
Clinical pictures: courtesy of Dr. Thomas Bayer, Kempten, Germany


Treatment Flexibility

Fibertom™ Mode

In addition to vaporization and enucleation of hyperplastic prostatic tissue, Dornier Medilas D UroBeam supports surgical cutting, coagulation, and vaporization. The proprietary Fibertom™ Mode, in conjunction with Dornier's bare fiber, ensures precise,consistent cutting performance.

Lightguide Protection System

Prolonging fiber life, Dornier's patented Lightguide Protection System (LPS) reduces wear of the fiber tip, e.g. during prostate vaporization.

Beyond enucleation and vaporization of prostatic tissue, the Dornier Medilas D UroBeam also enables soft tissue surgery for other urological conditions
such as: condylomata acuminata, urogenital tumors or urinary tract stenoses.

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