Square Pulse Technology

  • Vascular Lesions
  • Acne
  • Hair Removal
  • Skin Rejuvenation

Square Pulse Technology

Delivering the Precision You Need

SOLARI is a new IPL system which assures precise treatment and no side-effects guarantee with its cutting-edge technology. Unlike conventional IPLs on the market, SOLARI’s Square Pulse maximize maximizes the available power across the entire pulse to deliver a homogenous treatment without any side-effect related ‘hot-spots’.

Reliable Treatment

You can always anticipate reliable treatment with SOLARI’s Sharp cut-off filtering technology, which is designed to more efficaciously and selectively target chromophores in the tissue compared to other IPLs, and furthermore offers no change in the spectral distribution of the beam over the treatment time. The SOLARI’s Sharp cut-off filtering technology will greatly enhance the reliability and consistency of the clinical outcome.

Ensuring Comfortable and Painless Procedures

SOLARI's Rapid Repetition Rate ensures the most comfortable and painless procedure possible.

Precise Treatment & Predictable Outcome

Sharp Cut-off filters enhance spectral distributionn purpose of the cut-off filters in any IPL system is to deliver the optimum peak wavelength at the cut-off point to target the desired chromophore in the tissue. In the case of imprecise and inaccurate cut-off filters, the wavelength is not optimized for the target chromophore, resulting in suboptimal treatment efficacy. Illustrated on the right is the spectral distribution of the SOLARI fitted with the 570 nm cut-off filter compared with one from another system. More of the 570 nm wavelength is available with the SOLARI, and in the case of the other system, the cut-off has a more gentle slope, thereby minimizing the selectivity of the cut-off wavelength for the targeted chromophore. It is possible to increase the pulse energy to compensate for this, but that has the potential for overtreatment-related side effects. SOLARI can therefore achieve better results with lower pulse energies, thereby increasing the treatment safety margin.

SOLARI’s sharp slope of the spectral distribution graph shows that SOLARI’s pulse is highly selective to the particular indication. On the other hand, other IPLs show more gentler slope. This means less selective to the target chromophor. When user tries to increase the fluence for greater amount of spectrum, this will likely induce side-efffects as it will also increase the other wavelength.

Time Resolved Spectra Distribution

In the case of most conventional IPL systems, a phenomenon known as ‘spectral jitter’ changes the spectral distribution of the IPL beam over the course of each pulse so that less than optimum wavelengths are delivered to the target chromophores at certain points in the pulse duration. SOLARI, on the other hand, uses a technology called time resolved spectral distribution which locks the spectral distribution of each pulse over the entire pulse width, thereby delivering the optimum wavelengths for the target chromophores at an even intensity over the entire pulse of light energy.

High Quality Square Pulse

The spatial power distribution of a treatment beam should be as uniform as possible across the entire beam, since areas of higher power can be associated with tissue hot-spots and potential side effects. Conventional IPL beams have an almost Gaussian-like distribution as seen in the left hand part of the illustration on the right. To obtain a useful treatment power at the beam periphery, it is necessary to overpower the central portion of the beam which could produce overtreatment-related side effects. SOLARI’s Square Pulse Technology ensures that the power incident on the tissue is distributed evenly across the treated area as illustrated on the right section of the figure, thereby allowing the clinician to achieve predictable results, every time.

Uniform Energy Distribution

The high optical quality of the SOLARI system sapphire tip offers extremely uniform energy distribution to the target tissue, superior to less-optically perfect tips. Coupled with SOLARI’s Sharp cut-off filters, time resolved spectral distribution technology and square pulse delivery, the treatment tips allow the clinician to achieve consistently better results using lower energy levels with a concomitant reduction in the potential for side effect formation.

Comfortable and Painless Procedure

Variety of Features

Skin Cooling System

SOLARI’s award-winning Skin Cooling System controls the temperature at the contact point between the sapphire tip and the tissue both to provide patient comfort and to deliver safe and effective treatments. This Skin Cooling System can maximize the temperature of the peripheral tissue and the target tissue for safer operation.

Rapid Repetition Rate

Operation time is important for doctors as faster operations can satisfy the patients but also allow the doctors to treat more patients in any give time frame. SOLARI has a very rapid repetition rate compared to other IPLs which can save time during treatments, making faster treatment possible.

A Good Variety of Cut-Off Filters

SOLARI is equipped with a large spectral range of precise and easily-changed cut-off filters. These newly-designed cut-off filters have been created to be used for a large variety of indications to meet the demands of both doctors and patients.








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