Multipurpose Micro-fractional Er:Glass laser

         ●  Normal Mode

         ●  Thermal Mode

         ●  Hair Mode

Mosaic HP Triplex Therapy

MOSAIC HP is the first innovative erbium glass fractional laser system with three powerful modes:
Normal Mode, Thermal Mode, and Hair Mode.
Users can treat various indications, achieving the optimal clinical outcome with a single system.

Fractional Approach

Although the MOSAIC HP laser system causes micro thermal damage in the skin consisting of controlled necrosis and coagulation, skin renewal is stimulated via the rapid wound repair and remodeling response initiated by the surrounding normal tissues. The MOSAIC HP is completely nonablative, meaning that no epidermal tissue is vaporized by our fractional approach.

Hair Mode: New Application of MOSAIC HP

Animal study proves that MOSAIC HP enables hair regrowth through converting telogen phase into anagen phase.                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Indications for Hairs Loss

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   ●  Male Androgenetic Alopecia

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Female Androgenetic Alopecia

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Alopecia Areata

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Alopecia Universalis


Advantages of MOSAIC HP Hair Therapy

     ●  Convenient treatment for physicians
        Easy control of penetration depth/level

     ●  Safe hair therapy using non-consumable tips
         Non-consumable tips specialized for hair treatment enable safe and effective alopecia treatment without damage to existing normal hair.

     ●  Comfortable and short procedure for patients
          Immediate scalp condition improvement with bloodless treatment

     ●  Effective scalp rejuvenation
         Minimal energy loss and maximal stimulation of hair follicles achieved with low energy levels due to the direct delivery of microbeams to the scalp

     ●  No adverse effect to hormone condition
         Perfect treatment for female androgenetic alopecia and children

     ●  Applicable for any type of hair loss

     ●  Synergy with combination therapy
         Synergy with other hair regrowth therapies

     ●  No Downtime

MOSAIC'S Controlled Chaos Technology

MOSAIC scanning 1 pass                                                                                                                  MOSAIC scanning multi passes

Novel Treatment Paradigms based on innovative features

  • Controlled Chaos Technology
    - The advantage of Controlled Chaos Technology is that it randomly delivers each micro beam so a more
      natural, uniform treatment is achieved.
    - Proprietary non-linear, non-sequential microbeam delivery
    - Enables more natural and uniform treatment, prevents damage from thermal stacking
  • Dual operation modes
    - MOSAIC HP raises the standard by offering a choice between  two convenient and easy to use operation
      modes. Users can freely switch between the two modes during the same treatment session and treat very
      accurately regardless of the size of the treatment area.
    - Dynamic Mode: Automatic Total Density Counter - Real-time tracking of microbeam delivery for large area
    - Static Mode: Customized to treat any lesion or scar size without thermal damage to the surrounding tissue
  • Variable microbeam delivery speed
  • Skin sensor enables safe treatment
  • User-friendly treatment interface
  • No consumables
  • High pulse energy

Skin Regeneration Process | Pulse Energy 20 mJ

Immediately After   Post 24 hrs   Post 3 days   Post 14 days

Intact epidermis with separation a the dermoepidermal junction covers the MNC comprising a clearly visible dermal coagulation zone surrounded by normal matrix  

Rapid re-epithelization or reepithelialization with inflammatory infiltrate visible in the MNC


Epidermal debris has begun peeling and the MNC is now in the regenerative phase, with evident neocollagenisis

  The epidermis has returned to its normal appearance and dermal repair and tightening continue with the remodeling process


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